Survival Kit/Umeå: Worthy or unworthy – Panel discussion, october 19th

Ovärdet Photo: Erik Viklund

This final day of Survival Kit presents a concert with Väärt and a selected screening of the film Ovärdet, which is followed by a panel discussion about Norrland (northern Sweden). About the rural. About villages and cities that has long ago seen its days of glory. About the importance of place as identity. About nature. Resources. Power. Disappointment. Documentation.

The conversation is moderated by Moa Sandström, Centre for Sami Research, Umeå University and includes one of the makers of the film Ovärdet – artist and documentary filmmaker Gustav Hillbom, with author/journalist Po Tidholm and Lis-Mari Hjortfors, Postgraduate in Sapmi Studies at Umeå University.

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Fullsatt i Malmberget


Tack Malmberget! Fullsatt på visningen, extra bänkar fick bäras in! Filmen fick fin respons och många intressanta tankar och frågor från publiken dök upp.